Luxury scarf label Carte Blanche launches Fall/Winter collection

at 5:35 pm
Carte Blanche scarf
New Delhi: Luxury scarf label Carte Blanche has launched its Fall/Winter collection ‘ORTUS’, which is 
inspired by Renaissance gardens.
It is a collection of silk scarves, stoles, and accessories that uses techniques of Picchwai paintings to capture the transient dark beauty of summer emerging in the secret gardens of Italy. 
The scarves can be worn in different ways: knotted around the neck; as a bandana to keep your hair back for lunch by the beach; fashioned into a handkerchief top, or tied in a bow on the handle of your favorite bag. 
An amalgamation of art and fashion, Carte Blanche boasts of versatility at the core of each collection.
The fashion benefits of a good scarf are more apparent.
For decades, they’ve served as an easy way to spice up a boring outfit. But their renewed relevance is exciting — amalgamating traditional weaves, avant-garde prints, and on-trend designs.
It is essentially an easy way to inject a flash of elegance into your wardrobe, offering the possibility to create some nice contrasts and highlights across your summer fits with ease.
Their bright colors and bold patterns make an accessory that is not just right for this moment, but essential.