Missile successfully fired by INS Kora at ‘max range’, hits target with accuracy

New Delhi (NVI): Anti-Ship missile (AShM), test-fired successfully from Guided Missile Corvette INS Kora, hit its target at maximum range with precise accuracy in the Bay of Bengal today.

In a tweet, the Spokesperson of the Indian Navy said, “#AShM fired by #IndianNavy’s Guided Missile Corvette #INSKora hits the target at max range with precise accuracy in #BayofBengal. Target ship severely damaged & in flames. #IndianNavy #MissionDeployed & #CombatReady. #StrikeFirst #StrikeHard #StrikeSure.”

The Indian Navy also tweeted pictures showing the missile hitting the target ship and flames rising up in the sky.

Earlier on October 23, Indian Navy shared a video showing an anti-ship missile (AShM) launched by its Missile Corvette INS Prabal with deadly accuracy at maximum range and sinking the target ship.

The previous test was conducted in the Arabian Sea, according to the official spokesperson.

Furthermore, an anti-submarine Warfare Corvette “INS Kavaratti” was also recently commissioned into the Indian Navy.

Kavaratti has state-of-the-art weapons and sensor suite capable of detecting and prosecuting submarines. In addition to its anti-submarine warfare capability, the ship also has a credible self-defence capability and good endurance for long-range deployments.