Myntra’s new ad campaign features Kiara Advani, Samantha Ruth

at 8:09 pm

New Delhi: Myntra has launched a new brand campaign featuring fashion icons Kiara Advani and Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

Two stylish ad-films titled ‘Go for It’ encourage shoppers to embrace trendy, fresh and offbeat fashion choices and trust the magic of taking a leap of faith, according to a statement issued by the company.

The theme of the campaign ‘If you never try, you’ll never know’ urges and encourages shoppers to be confident, audacious and dynamic in their fashion choices as an extended expression of themselves.

Being trendsetters in fashion, both Kiara and Samantha have audaciously adopted distinct fashion choices, to be their true authentic selves.

This is what continues to make them the perfect choice for Myntra to collaborate with for their campaigns.

The campaign hinges on the relatable storyline that most people, including even the most confident ones have inhibitions about embracing upcoming trends or trying something outside of their go-to choice of outfit styles.

In its snazzy and stylish new campaign, Myntra is urging millions of patrons to “Go for it”, and take the leap of faith to embrace new and emerging trends by letting go of preconceived doubts and skepticism that comes with accepting change.

The campaign also explains how Myntra brings both the freshest styles on-trend in India and signature styles from  leading international and domestic  brands onto a single platform.

The cast in the 20 second ad-films show everyday people including the actors overcoming the doubt that deters them from making a non-mainstream fashion choice with unconventional trendy ensembles that make them look good and feel great.

With a groovy background score sung by Anubha Kaul, a contemporary vocalist, song-writer and composer, the brand campaign motivates you to go ahead, ditch the doubts in your head and be the best version of yourself.

The actors have increased the threshold of what to expect from Myntra, which includes signature styles from leading international and domestic brands.