Need to ensure contract farming doesn’t remain just a business concept: PM

at 3:16 pm
contract farming

New Delhi (NVI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stressed on the need to ensure that contract farming does not remain just a business concept while asserting that it would enhance farm incomes.

“We should also fulfil our responsibility towards the land,” PM said while addressing a webinar on effective implementation of budget provisions regarding Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare. He said that contract farming has been present in India in some form or the other from a long time.

In his address, the PM also stressed on the need for more private sector contribution towards R&D in the agriculture sector. “We now have to give such options to farmers in which they are not limited to growing wheat and rice. We can try from organic food to salad-related vegetables, there are several crops,” he said.

He stressed on the need to tap the market for seaweed and beeswax. He said seaweed farming and beeswax would generate an additional revenue stream for fishermen and bee farmers. He added that increased private sector participation will boost the confidence of the farmer.

In addition to this, the Prime Minister gave a call to make concerted efforts in the farming of the country, to find a comprehensive technological solution from irrigation to sowing, till harvesting and earning.

He said the country has to promote startups associated with the agriculture sector and connect the youth. He said over the years, the Kisan Credit Card has been extended little by little to farmers, cattle ranchers and fishermen and more than 1.80 crore farmers have been given Kisan Credit Cards in the last one year.

The provision of credit has also been more than doubled compared to 6-7 years ago, he said adding that arrangements with 10,00 FPOs being built in the country is strengthening the Co-operatives.