No Covid-19 vaccine shortage in any part of country: Harsh Vardhan

at 11:13 am
Health Ministry
Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

New Delhi (NVI): There is no COVID-19 vaccine shortage in any part of the country and the government is providing required quantities all over India, Union Minister Harsh Vardhan said.

While speaking on the need to enhance the pace of vaccination, Vardhan assured that the Centre will continually replenish the vaccine stock and exhorted the states to vaccinate the prioritized groups in a mission made.

“There is no vaccine shortage in any part of the country. The Centre is providing the required quantities to all States and UTs”, he stated.

Yesterday, Harsh Vardhan chaired a virtual meeting with health ministers of 11 state and union territories, to take stock of COVID-19 pandemic situation in the country, including Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan.

These states have been reporting a very high rise in daily cases and daily mortality because of COVID-19 in the last two weeks.

Pointing out the reason behind the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in the country he said that a large part of the reason was people’s lax behaviour towards COVID appropriate behaviour.

He said, “It seems that people have given ‘Tilanjali’ to measures and steps that can protect them from COVID such as mask-wearing, avoiding gatherings and maintaining physical distancing, which I have been calling as Social Vaccine and are as important as the vaccines that we now have.”

Harsh Vardhan reminded the state health ministers that the measures to prevent and contain COVID19 are not rocket science! We have successfully adopted these measures all of last year and shown the world our success story.

“The same measures have to be reinforced and implemented with more rigour and commitment by the States and the people, he pointed out. They form the fundamental pillars of our fight against COVID19, he pointed out strongly,” he added.