On 74th anniversary of losing freedom to China, East Turkistan urges world to speak up against their genocide

at 6:43 pm
December 22 is Day of Mourning for people of East Turkistan or Uyghurs


By Dr. Mamtimin Ala

On this day, December 22, we mark a somber and poignant moment in the history of East Turkistan.

Seventy-four years ago, the independent East Turkistan Republic was forcibly overthrown by the People’s Republic of China.

This day, a National Day of Mourning for our people, signifies the beginning of a dark chapter characterized by relentless occupation, brutal colonization, and an ongoing genocide against the East Turkistani people.

As we remember the lost independence of our beloved homeland, we also reflect on the indomitable spirit of our people, who have faced unimaginable atrocities over these decades.

The Chinese government’s systematic campaign to erase our unique identity, culture, and existence transcends oppression; it is a systematic act of genocide.

The widespread human rights atrocities, the establishment of concentration camps, slave labor, intense surveillance, and the destruction of our cultural and religious heritage are blatant violations of fundamental human rights.

Today, as the President of the East Turkistan Government in Exile, I stand in solidarity with my people in our collective mourning. We mourn not only for the loss of our country’s independence but also for the ongoing suffering and relentless struggle for survival and dignity faced by East Turkistanis.

We are committed to tirelessly advocating for the restoration of the rights, freedom, and independence of our country and its people and ensuring that their voices are heard and their plight recognized worldwide.

On this National Day of Mourning, we appeal to the international community to acknowledge the gravity of the situation in East Turkistan.

This is not a regional crisis but a blatant challenge to the conscience of the world, demanding a united stand against the atrocities being committed.

We call on nations, organizations, and individuals globally to show their solidarity with East Turkistan.

Recognize the genocide and the occupation, condemn the Chinese oppressors, and support our unyielding struggle to restore our freedom and independence.

The narrative of East Turkistan is one of courage against the odds, of resilience in the face of brutality, and of an unyielding quest for justice.

It is a story that resonates with all who value freedom, human dignity, and the right to self-determination.

We urge everyone who shares these ideals to join hands with us, to amplify our struggle, and to help us realize the dream of re-establishing a free and sovereign East Turkistan.

This National Day of Mourning is not only a day to grieve but also a day to renew our resolve.

We pledge to continue our fight until the day when the people of East Turkistan can once again live freely, practice their culture and religion without fear, and chart their own future in their ancestral land.

The flame of hope and justice for East Turkistan, fueled by our collective memories and aspirations, remains undimmed. Together, with your support, we will keep this flame alive until East Turkistan is free and independent once more.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of Dr. Mamtimin Ala, President of East Turkistan Government-in-Exile)