Pak Minister becomes laughing stock for missile threat to India and supporters  

at 10:13 am
Pakistani Minister for Kashmir affairs, Ali Amin Khan Gandapur

New Delhi (NVI): Pakistani Minister for Kashmir affairs Ali Amin Khan Gandapur became a laughing stock of sort as he was heavily trolled on social media for his remarks that Pakistan will fire missiles on India and any country supporting it on Kashmir, in event of a war. 

Pakistan-based journalist Naila Inayat tweeted, “Minister for Kashmir Affairs, Gandapur is back and how: Any country that will not stand with Pakistan over Kashmir will be considered our enemy and missiles will be fired at them as well, in case of war with India. I hope Trump received the message.”

The Twitterati generally laughed it off making the minister the butt of jokes 

“Don’t take a serious he is from my Constituency I know him,” Peer Syed Shoukat Bukhari tweeted. 

Sick minded playing same vote bank card,” said another tweet. “Trump knows very well whose calling shots in Pakistan so any sane person will not heed to such goons,” “He is acting like a joker of Bollywood,” said other tweets. 

It may be noted that the Pakistani Minister has been aggressively taking to twitter on Kashmir issue since the abrogation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir granted under article 370 by India.