Pakistan continues to promote state-sponsored terrorism in Sindh

at 10:54 am

New Delhi (NVI): Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) had released a statement on Tuesday stating that “ISIL (Daesh) is active in Pakistan and they are operating with the help and assistance of Pakistani intelligence agencies and Sindh is on their target.”

The recent accident of a minor Sindhi girl aged 17, Shugfta Laghari, from district Badin, Sindh, was brainwashed by a Daesh leader Ameer Muawiya of Jhang, Punjab.

She left home a few days ago and reached Jhang. She got married later and then went missing. Her social media message went viral “I am so restless, I want to give my life for religion and I have found my way, the true and righteous path.”

Chief organizer and founder of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) Zafar Sahito said, “This is not the first time. In 2017, the same kind of accident happened when a resident of Hussainabad, a suburb of Hyderabad, Sindh, Noureen Leghari, a student of the second year of medical at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Science (LUMHS) went missing on February 10, 2017, from his native town and was recovered after two months from Lahore on April 17, 2017, from Daesh organization camp.

Sahito further said, “Sindh is a land of peace, love, and harmony. We Sindhi are a historical nation, and Pakistan wants to destroy our secular identity to send a message to the world that Sindhi people are also terrorists by bringing Daesh (ISIL) and other radical Islamist groups into Sindh. Punjab wants to change us like them.”

Zafar Sahito pointed out that in the last three decades, 34,000 new Madrassas net has been laid in various parts of Sindh, especially populated cities of Sindh, and are now on target of these radical groups and they are carrying out an operation under the pre-engineered plan of Pakistani establishment and Pakistani intelligence agencies.

If this process continues for a few more decades, our future generations will be affected by this extremism ideology and Sindh will be changed completely, our secular identity will be wiped out totally, Sahito added.

He further said, “These radical elements are operating in Sindh openly and recruiting people for Jihad (Holy war). At the same time, these Islamist terrorist organizations are used by ISI to harass and create fear among Sindhi people. Recently, in Karachi Sindh, our two peaceful political rallies were attacked by these intelligence goons. A sit-in protest at the Karachi press club was also attacked by Jamaat-ud-Dawa members.

On recent political development in Pakistan about Senate election, Zafar said, “If anyone thinks that fair elections, democracy, elected, selected, pro-secular groups, any political party or any other form of governance can make Pakistan better! The answer is a big no! It is the truth.”

There is no Pakistani nation but historical nations like Sindh, Baloch & Pashtun are forced to live under the slavery of the dominant Punjabi nation (Military & Islamist radical groups). Until this issue is not addressed or solved and the right to self-determination is not given to these historical nations, this rogue state of Pakistan will remain a threat for not only politically oppressed nations enchained in the slavery of Punjab but for the world peace too.

The persecution of Sindhi, Pashtun & Baloch nations was the same even during PML (N) & PPP governments.

Pakistan must be disintegrated and that is the only solution for the prosperity of this region and world peace.

It is time that practically ‘The dream of the new world order of west’ more nations, more borders, more markets and right of self-determination for everyone must start from Pakistan by giving freedom to all historical nations in the slavery of Pakistan before Expansionist Communist China (CCP) takes complete control of this region.

At last, Zafar Sahito appeals to the UN, America, EU, Japan, India, and Israel that Pakistan is continuously promoting state-sponsored terrorism by harboring these thousands of international terrorists and various radical Islamist groups. We are living in fear to save the historical secular Sindhi nation and world peace. Strong actions must be taken against Fundamentalist Theocratic Pakistan.