Pakistan’s Chaman border headache #chamanBorder #pakistan #update

at 3:19 pm

For the last 9 months, Pashtuns have been protesting against Pakistan government’s decision which mandates use of passport and visa for travel to and fro Afghanistan. The protest was peaceful till yesterday before Pakistani forces launched a crackdown to remove the protestors who have been blocking the border. The Pakistani forces used brutal force, leaving several people injured. Pashtuns have declared that they won’t obey the order on use of passport and visa as they don’t recognise the border with Afghanistan called the Durand Line, at all. They say the border was created unjustly by the Britishers and this divided the Pashtuns. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is an Islamist armed group comprising Pashtun fighters, has been angered by yesterday’s brutal crackdown by the Pakistani forces. #pakistan #chaman #border #afghanistan #ttp #pashtun #taliban