Mild to medium colour blind people will be able to obtain driving license now

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New Delhi (NVI): The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification for amendment to physical fitness and medical requirements under the Motor Vehicle Act to get a driving license, that will allow persons with mild to medium colour blindness in obtaining the DL.

The ministry has been taking many measures to enable divyangjan (persons with disabilities) citizens to avail transport-related services, especially related to obtaining the Driving Licence, read an official statement.

It was brought to the notice of the ministry that the colour blind citizens were not being able to get the driving licence although they are able to perform all functions properly except identifying colours. the matter was sympathetically examined consulting the medical experts.

The issue was taken up with Medical Expert Institution and advice was sought.

The recommendations then received were to allow mild to medium colour blind citizens to be allowed to drive and put restrictions only on the severe colour blind citizens from driving.

This provision is also allowed in other parts of the world, the ministry added.