Pashtuns up in arms against Pak govt as they march to Islamabad against killing of 4 youths

at 8:44 pm
Representative Picture of Pashtuns in Pakistan

New Delhi (NVI): Hundreds of Pashtuns have come up together in a massive march to Islamabad against the brutal killing of four Pashtun youths by Pakistani army and its proxies, even as the Pak establishment try hard to suppress the march by firing bullets, tear gas shells and arresting prominent Pashtun leaders who are demanding justice for the innocent youths.

The protesters started their march to the Pakistani capital today, with many others joining on the way, to demand justice and accountability for the deaths of four youths who were killed by Pakistani forces in Jani Khel town of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. As per reports, they were tortured to death and their mutilated bodies were found in an open field near a Pakistani army camp.

The youths were allegedly picked on the pretext of espionage by Pakistan-backed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a dreaded organisation that is operating hand in glove with Pakistani army and establishment to suppress the voices of Pastuns and the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), an increasingly popular Pashtun body fighting for the rights of tribal natives.

During the #JaniKhelLongMarch2Islamabad, Pakistani forces also fired bullets and tear gas shells on ANP’s (Awami National Party) veteran leader Senator Baaz Mohammad and other party workers who had assembled to welcome the ‘jaloos’ (protest march) coming from Jani Khel. The attack on senior Pashtun leader has been highly condemned by Pashtun and human rights activists.

Not only this, but Pakistan Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leader Manzoor Ahmad Pashtun was taken into custody by Kohat police and PTM central leader National Assembly member Mohsin Dawar was detained in Karak, and taken into police custody, as per reports.

“Protestors at Jani Khel have been demanding justice for murdered youth. Instead of listening to their demands, the government has launched a crackdown on protestors and their supporters. Our ruling elites are refusing to learn from history,” Pashtun activist Ammar Ali Jan tweeted.

Like the natives of Balochistan, Pashtuns have also been suffering atrocities at the hands of Pakistani military for long. Oppressed Pashtuns in Pakistan are up in arms against the military over extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances.

Earlier in January this year, Pashtun leaders had called a major gathering on February 5 for a strategy meeting of the community leaders is the brutal killing of a 26-year-old youth Zia-ur-Rehman by Pakistani forces in Tapi village of North Waziristan on January 28.

Rehman was killed by the Pakistani military personnel while he was working in his fields. Later, his body was taken away to the army headquarters and handed over to the family late at night without any FIR being filed.