People of Sindh up in arms against latest Pakistani moves

at 7:33 pm
People of Sindh protesting against Pakistani conspiracies

New Delhi: People of occupied Sindh are up in arms against attempts by the Pakistani regime to take over, through its proxies, certain areas which would amount to erasing the rich cultural history of the Sindhis.

The Pakistani regime, through an organisation named Bahria Town management, is trying to forcibly take over large tracts of village land under the pretext of development.

The Sindhis, who have been struggling for freedom from Pakistan, have been resisting these moves with all their energy and have held protests including in capital Karachi, which even turned violent.

Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) has said that it would announce a major campaign against these conspiracies by the Pakistani regime, particularly its Army and intelligence agency ISI, against the ethnic people of occupied Sindh.

“Original Sindhi inhabitants are the owners and heirs of every inch of Sindh. We know very well how to protect our Mother land. We will never allow destruction of villages in Kohistan and exploitation of our resources,” said JSFM in a statement.

“Through DHA mega City, Islands mega projects, coastal belt projects, Pakistan army cantonments and other Bahria mega projects, the (Pakistani) Punjabi establishment is in action on the agenda to merge Sindh in greater Punjab (of Pakistan),” it said.

The organisation condemned the action by some armed civilians, along with police and Rangers, to destroy historical old residences and houses of Sindhi people in Kohistan area of Sindh.

“We consider this act as declaration of complete (Pakistani) Punjabi occupation as permanent colonialism mind set. We think that in the name of mega projects, it is a strategy of Punjabi occupation over Sindh,” said JSFM founder Zafar Sahito.

He said under a conspiracy, mega projects have been initiated to convert the Sindhi people to a minority.

“The original mastermind is ISI and all the plans are being made in the GHQ,” the JSFM leader said.

“We would not allow, in any way, the occupation of our historic homeland in the name of so-called development of (Pakistani) Punjab imperialism. Nor would the Sindhi nation withdraw from graves of our ancestors who are buried in the mountains of Kohistan cemeteries,” he said.

“Any mega project in Sindh will be considered as Pakistani attack on Sindh, to convert Sindhi people into minority on our own land,” Sahito added.