PM inaugurates Gobar-Dhan Bio CNG Plant in Indore

at 5:45 pm

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated “Gobar-Dhan (Bio-CNG) Plant” in Indore today through video conferencing.

Prime Minister started his address with paying tributes to Rani Ahilyabai and recalling her link with the city of Indore.

He said that mention of Indore reminds of Devi Ahiliyabai Holker and her sense of service.

In the course of time, Indore changed for better but never lost the inspiration of Devi Ahiliyabai and today Indore also reminds of swachhta and civic duty,  Prime Minister said.

Shri Modi also mentioned the beautiful statue of Devi Ahiliyabai at Kashi Vishwanath Dham, official release said.

Prime Minister stressed the importance of Gobar Dhan and said wet urban household waste and waste from cattle and farm is Gobar Dhan.

He said that Gobardhan from waste, clean fuel from Gobar Dhan, energy from clean fuel is a life affirming chain.

Prime Minister informed that in coming two years, Gober Dhan Bio CNG plants will be established in 75 big Municipal bodies.

“This campaign will go a long way in making Indian cities clean, pollution free and in the direction of clean energy”, he said.

Prime Minister said that not only in cities, Gobar Dhan plants are being set up in villages also, getting extra income for the farmers.

This will help in dealing with the problem of stray and unsupported cattle along with meeting India’s climate commitments, he added.