PM Modi’s Twitter followers cross 60 million mark

New Delhi (NVI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who continues to be one of the most followed leaders in the world, has crossed 60 million (6 crore) followers on Twitter.

His Twitter account today showed ’60M’ followers as #CongratsModiJiFor60M started trending on the microblogging site.

PM Modi often reaches out to the people in the country and abroad through his robust social media platforms. He also uses his social media accounts to announce welfare schemes and campaigns.

He has used these platforms, especially Twitter to spread messages and awareness on Clean India campaign, women safety, India’s space mission, etc.

The Prime Minister started with Twitter in 2009 when he was Gujarat Chief Minister. Back in 2010, he had just one lakh followers.

This year, PM Modi has used his social media platforms to extensively reach out to people and inform them about social distancing measures and use of masks to keep away coronavirus.

An international survey in 2018 ranked PM Modi among the top three leaders of the world.

Former US President Barak Obama is at the top spot with over 120 million followers. His successor and the current US President Donald Trump has close to 84 million followers.