Prices of chicken, eggs set to spike in Pakistan; Flour mills go on strike
The flour mill owners are protesting against the withholding tax imposed by the government

at 11:52 pm
Representative pic of flour mill

Karachi, July 11: In more unhappy news for the inflation hit citizens of Karachi, the government is planning to hike the prices of chicken meat and eggs over the next few days. This comes amid a strike call by flour mill owners.

The price of chicken meat is expected to increase by Rs 100 to Rs 150 per kg, while the price of eggs is likely to increase by Rs 50-70 per dozen.

It is pertinent to mention here that the price of chicken meat is Rs 480 per kg while eggs are being sold at Rs 240 per dozen in Karachi.

Meanwhile, adding to the woes of the common people, the Atta Chakki Association announced its support for a strike call by the flour mill owners, resulting in a shortage of flour supply to Karachi and Hyderabad.

On the strike call, the Atta Chakki Association stopped grinding wheat, and the ‘chakkis’ in Karachi and Hyderabad shut down.

Due to the strike, tonnes of flour could not be supplied to restaurants in both cities. The flour mill owners are protesting against the withholding tax imposed by the government.

The flour mill owners announced a strike on July 11 against the imposition of a 2.5 percent withholding tax in the budget 2024-25.

The flour mill owners said that due to increasing electricity bills, they are already facing difficulties in running their business.

“The additional 2.5 percent withholding tax will further ruin our business,” they added.

While demanding the government withdraw its decision to impose the tax, the flour mill owners announced to go on strike on July 11.

The association’s chairman, Aamir Abdullah, warned that if the government does not withdraw the newly imposed tax, a strike may be called, which could include the closure of flour mills across the country.

The association estimated that the price of a 10kg flour bag will increase by Rs 50, with fine flour seeing an increase of Rs 7 per kilogram.

Other wheat products are also expected to see significant price hikes, with fine flour potentially reaching Rs 460 per sack.

One of the major reasons for the rice in prices of chicken meat and eggs is that last month, the Senate Standing Committee on Finance supported the decision to end tax exemptions on chicken feed.

In the standing committee meeting, FBR officials stated that a 10 percent tax exemption on chicken feed is being abolished.

The officials said that 10 percent sales tax will be imposed on livestock feed, including cows and buffaloes, which will generate Rs 47 billion in terms of sales tax.