Pro-freedom rallies organised in Karachi, Hyderabad for freedom of Sindhudesh

at 10:43 pm

New Delhi (NVI): Thousands of political and human rights activists, including women and children participated in pro-freedom rallies in Karachi and Hyderabad cities in Pakistan, organised by the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) for independence of Sindhudesh, on the occasion of Pakistan Day today.

The party’s chief organizer Zafar Sahito, deputy chief organizer Sohail Sindhi, central organizers Muhammad Ali Noonari, Hussein Sindhi organised and led the event live from the party’s Facebook page.

JSFM recorded this protest, to make the text of the 1940 resolution clear in which it was stated that national, independent states and governments consisting of Muslim-majority areas within United India should be established.

Under this condition, GM Syed passed the resolution from the Sindh Assembly. But in 1946, the spirit of the agreement signed between the nations – the resolution of the 23rd March, 1940 – which compromised with the nations for constituting their own states was changed.

JSFM central organizer, Muhammed Ali Noonari said that the 40th resolution included the establishment of several national states instead of the concept of a Muslim state, in which it was changed to the state instead of states.

In the resolution, there was another important point that every state involved in the Confederation of Muslim States should have the authority to decide after every 10 years whether it wants to remain in the Confederation of these States or demand a free State status.

To recall, on the 117th birth anniversary of GM Syed this year (17 January 2021), placards of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other world leaders were raised by the protestors’ at a pro-freedom rally in Pakistan’s Sindh to seek their intervention for the freedom of Sindudesh.

Pre-freedom slogans were also raised during the rally held in GM Syed’s hometown Sann in Jamshoro district of Pakistan’s Sindh province.