Protests outside Canadian embassy in Berlin over Karima Baloch’s death

at 3:47 pm
Protests outside Canadian embassy in Berlin over Karima Baloch's death

New Delhi (NVI): Baloch National Movement (BNM) activists held a protest in front of the Canadian embassy in Germany’s capital Berlin against the murder of human rights activist Karima Baloch and demanded that her death should be investigated at the highest level.

During the protests held yesterday, BNM activists including General Secretary of BNM Germany zone Asghar Baloch also submitted a letter to the Canadian embassy demanding a thorough investigation into the death of Karima Baloch.

Participants in the demonstration displayed pictures of Karima Baloch and lit candles to commemorate her assassination. They also distributed pamphlets to locals and made them aware of the Karima Baloch’s mysterious death.

According to a BNM statement, the purpose of this protest was to demand that the Canadian government investigate and expose those forces that are involved in the assassination of the BNM leader. Members of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) also took part in the demonstration.

BNM spokesman Asghar Baloch said that no doubt there are several feminist movements in the world but feminism is a part of Baloch politics and slavery. In a society that is plagued with slavery, Karima Baloch was a symbol of encouragement for women, he said.

“We condemn the killing of such a person and demand the Government of Canada to investigate the assassination of Karima Baloch on the basis of the Criminal Act. We believe that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies are involved in this tragic incident. Earlier, a similar incident took place with us in the form of Sajid Hussain’s assassination.

“We fear that if these incidents are not addressed today, the same act may be repeated with other Baloch Diaspora members living in the USA, Europe, Canada, or another parts of the world,” the BNM spokesman said.

This is yet another suspected political assassination carried out by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, which is silencing Baloch voices for freedom in Pakistan as well as across the world.

Pertinent to mention here that BNM has rejected the preliminary investigation report of the Canadian police authorities and has called for a full and transparent investigation.

“Our goal is to raise awareness internationally that the BNM has rejected the preliminary investigation report of the Canadian police authorities and called for a full and transparent investigation. Because Banuk Karima Baloch was not an ordinary person but a great leader, a brave and courageous woman. She was a symbol of courage and a hero, not only for the Baloch nation but also for other nations,” Asghar Ali Baloch, General Secretary of the BNM Germany Zone was quoted as saying by the Baloch rights body.

A vocal critic of the Pakistan government, Karima Baloch had actively worked to highlight human rights violations perpetrated upon people in Balochistan. Her death was condemned by human rights groups and world leaders while protests over her assassination still continue.

The prominent Baloch rights activist was last seen on December 20 in the Bay Street and Queens Quay West area in Toronto, at approximately 3 pm, according to The Balochistan Post. Hours later, she was found dead in mysterious circumstances.