Railways surpasses last year’s freight loading despite Covid challenges

at 6:18 pm
Railways freight
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New Delhi (NVI): Indian Railways has surpassed last year’s total freight loading for the same period, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Railways said.

According to an official statement, Indian Railways’ cumulative freight loading on March 11, touched 1145.68 million tonnes which is higher than total cumulative loading of last year (1145.61 million tonnes) for the same period.

The freight figures continue to maintain the high momentum in terms of loading and speed in the month of March this year as well for Indian Railways.

“Upto March 11, 2021, on a month to month basis, Indian Railways loading was 43.43 million tonnes, which is 10 per cent higher compared to last year’ loading for the same period (39.33 million tonnes),” the Ministry said in a statement.

While on day to day basis, the freight loading on March 11 was 4.07 million tonnes, which is 34 per cent higher compare to last year’s loading for the same date, it added.

Meanwhile, in the month of March till now, the average speed of freight trains in the month was 45.49 kmph which is almost double compare to last year for the same period (23.29 kmph).

The ministry also stated that a number of concessions/discounts are also being given in Indian Railways to make freight movement very attractive.

Besides, faster speed, constant dialogue with the industry and logistics service providers, strong emergence of Business Development Units (BDUs) in Indian Railways’ zones as well as divisions, etc., are adding to the robust growth of Indian Railways’ freight business.

Furthermore, it may be noted that COVID-19 has been used by Indian Railways as an opportunity to improve all-round efficiencies and performances, the statement added.