Refrain from venturing near fast moving streams and rivers : DC Rajouri

at 10:45 am

Rajouri,July 10 (NVI):- As monsoon approaches, Deputy Commissioner Rajouri,O.P.Bhagat has advised public to refrain from venturing near fast moving streams and rivers.

“As the southwest monsoon approaches, it is imperative to prioritize safety to prevent tragic incidents such as recent flash floods resulting in loss of lives due to drowning. Residents of District Rajouri are urged through this advisory to exercise utmost caution during this rainy season.

It is advised to avoid venturing near fast flowing streams and rivers as their unpredictable current pose significant dangers.

Refrain from taking livestock and vehicles close to riverbanks to mitigate the risk of accidents and fatalities.” Reads the advisory issued by Deputy commissioner Rajouri, a copy of which lies with News Vibes of India—(NVI)

All Additional Deputy Commissioners, SDM Thanamandi and Tehsildars- (all) are hereby advised to ensure strict adherence to this Advisory. Utlize the assistance of lambardars, chowkidars and employ effective communication tools such as microphones, megaphones and social media platforms to disseminate this crucial information effectively.”

“Let us collectively prioritize saftey and caution during this monsoon season to safeguard lives and property in District Rajouri. This advisory emphasizes safety measures and responsible behavior during the monsoon aiming to prevent tragic incident that have occurred in recent weeks.”  (News Vibes of India)