Revocation of J&K Special Status our internal affair, VP tells EU MPs

at 8:27 am
venkaih naidu
M Venkaiah Naidu addressing the delegations of European Union MP

New Delhi (NVI): Indian Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has told the visiting delegation of European Union Members of Parliament that the abrogation of special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 was an internal matter of the country and the decision was aimed at bringing peace and development in the region. 

“India believes that peace was the pre-requisite for progress and wishes to bring peace to troubled areas, so that people enjoy a better quality of life,” he said while addressing the delegation here on October 28. 

“The abrogation was a move would towards equity and human dignity to ensure good governance where people enjoy the fruits of freedom rather than be constantly under the fear of the bullet,” he added.


He said that it was widely felt that having an enclave within the country was not desirable and was seen as antithetical to an inclusive growth strategy where the country aims to bridge development gaps between states and achieve an equitable growth leaving no state behind, according to an official statement.

The Vice President said that it was to the credit of the Government that these measures have succeeded in full, as not a single bullet has been fired till date and there has not been any loss of life on account of any police firing.

The also told the delegation that several steps have been taken by the Government to ensure smooth flow of information in Jammu & Kashmir.