RK Singh to launch Gram Ujala prog tomorrow

at 10:33 pm
Gram Ujala

New Delhi (NVI): Union Power Minister RK Singh will launch the Gram Ujala programme tomorrow, a first of its kind carbon finance based large scale programme focussed on rural India.

Gram Ujala will provide access to reliable, affordable and high-qualiy lighting. Rural consumers will also be able to avail significant monetary savings, under the programme, Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) said in a statement.

To fulfil the purpose, Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has issued a tender, EESL said in a statement on Tuesday.

“CESL has issued a first of its kind tender to procure 1 crore LED bulbs for its Gram Ujala programme. Through this tender CESL intends to invite participation of bidders for co-investment on a revenue sharing basis.

“Under the Gram Ujala programme, CESL will distribute high quality LED bulbs, at an affordable cost in rural areas,” it said.

CESL will be procuring 70 lakh 12-watt LED lamps, and 30 lakh 7-watt lamps. As per the last discovered prices of these LED lamps, the 12-watt lamp will be considered at Rs 75 per bulb and Rs 42 for the 7-watt bulb.