Sindh condemns rising incidents of Pakistan brutality

at 11:09 am
Occupied Sindh

(Column by Zafar Sahito, chief organizer and founder of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement)

In Occupied Sindh, enforced abduction of national political workers has started again, with 4 young students Mumtaz Soomro, Irfan Jatoi, Vikash Sharma and Waheed Gadhehi abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies this week.

We condemn this brutality of state against Sindhi people. Pakistan is politically suppressing Sindh nation on demand of national freedom which is our natural birthright.

Irfan Jatoi, student of physiology was abducted from university hostel yesterday night by military intelligence agencies. This is human rights violation. We are victims of state sponsored terrorism. Our secular identity is on the edge of vanishing.

Two days earlier, Mumtaz Soomro, a college student was abducted from Sukkur Sindh while going home to Larkana. Abducted 2nd time in the recent years.

In spite of warnings issued by UN Human Rights organization and US government letters, Pakistan is carrying out atrocities against humanity.

Vikash Sharma was abducted from Karachi yesterday for raising voice about missing persons and minorities’ persecution in radical theocratic Pakistan, where minorities are living miserable lives.

Waheed Gadhehi was abducted, for the second time, last night from Karachi from his home.

Any person demanding rights and exposing Pakistan is abducted or extra-judicially killed.

Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement condemns these brutal atrocities against historical Sindhi nation. We appeal world leaders, United Nations and Human Rights organizations to take notice of these inhuman actions of Pakistan and come forward to save lives of national freedom political workers.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in the article are of the author)