Sports entities advised to suspend all events till April 15

New Delhi (NVI): All sports organisations and their affiliate units in the country have been advised to suspend all sports events till April 15, as a precautionary measure to contain coronavirus spread.

Youth Affairs and Sports Ministry today advised sports authorities against holding any sports events, including competitions or selection trials till 15th April 2020.

However, the athletes who are preparing for the Olympics, which is scheduled to be held in Tokyo this year, are allowed to get trained within the campus following some preventive measures outlined by the Ministry.

”Training of athletes preparing for Olympics 2020 may outline subject to following restrictions such as no exposure to athlete be allowed from outside in the campus where training is underway,” the statement said.

”No coach, technical/support staff, athlete etc presently not in the training camp and not staying in the training campus be allowed to interact or mingle with trainee athletes without following the quarantine protocols, ” it added.

It further requested to communicate the above for compliance to all affiliate entities.