Stand against the terror and forces of disturbance : LG Manoj Sinha
Film industry and tourism sector touching new heights in J&K

at 8:49 pm

Srinagar, July 07 (NVI):- Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Sunday emphasized the importance of a unified stand against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

LG Manoj Sinha was speaking at a book releasing titled “The Swinging 70s: The Stars, Style and Substance in Hindi Cinema” edited by Ms Nirupama Kotru and Sh Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri, in Srinagar, today.

Speaking at the event, LG Sinha underscored the crucial role of society in eradicating terrorism and its support systems.

He called for all citizens to provide any information about terrorist activities to law enforcement agencies, reinforcing the collective responsibility to maintain peace and security in the region

LG Sinha highlighted the significant improvements in the region’s security situation and credited the efforts of the police and security forces for these advancements.

He stressed that the government is resolutely committed to dismantling the entire ecosystem that supports terrorism.

Moreover, LG Sinha pointed to the positive developments in Jammu and Kashmir’s film industry and tourism sector.

Over 300 films were shot in the region last year, reflecting a revival of the local film industry.

The region has also seen a substantial increase in tourist arrivals, with a 300% rise in foreign visitors, attributed to the peaceful environment and effective policies implemented in recent years.(News Vibes of India)