Targeted attacks on Shias continue in Pak as bank manager shot dead in Islamabad

New Delhi (NVI): As fears of sectarian violence grips Pakistan in the wake of attacks on Shia community, a 32-year-old bank manager was shot dead in broad daylight in Islamabad by two bike-borne assailants, exposing the failure of Imran Khan government on taking actions against such perpetrators and proscribed terror outfits.

Syed Raza Hussain Naqvi, a branch manager in a National Bank, was shot dead in the Pakistan capital just because he was a Shia. While some social media posts claimed that Extremists of ASWJ terror group were behind the attacks, some others have said that the attackers were from Sipah-e-Sahaba, a proscribed terrorist outfit in the country.

The CCTV footage of the incident also went viral on social media in which Naqvi can be seen coming out of a car and then two bike-borne assailants shot at him from behind, within seconds.

“Targeted attacks on the Shia community continue with impunity in Pakistan. In Islamabad Syed Raza Hussain Naqvi, a bank manager, shot dead in broad daylight. This follows the murder of Qaiser Imran in Kohat, attack on a procession in Okara and the systematic anti-shia campaign,” tweeted Naila Inayat, a Pakistan based journalist.

“Syed Raza Hussain Naqvi, a branch manager in a National Bank, ws shot dead in Islamabad coz he ws a SHIA. Extremists of ASWJ terror group are killing Shias in broad daylight. Imran Khan is alwyz concernd fr Kashmiris bt NO word of condemnation for #ShiaGenocide in #Pakistan!,” read another tweet from a user.

The killing also comes after thousands of people flooded the streets of Karachi on Friday last week in a massive anti-Shia demonstration which has sparked fears of sectarian violence in Pakistan. After the massive protests, the hashtag #ShiaGenocide began trending on Pakistani social media.

A large number of protestors were seen chanting “Shias are Kaffir” (disbelievers) and holding banners of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, a terrorist organisation, linked to the killing of Shias over the years.

The massive rally took place after some major Shia leaders in the country allegedly made disparaging remarks against Islam in a televised broadcast of an Ashura procession last month, according to media reports.