Thailand relaxes travel curbs for tourists from more than 50 countries

at 6:47 pm

New Delhi (NVI): Thailand has eased travel restrictions for citizens from 56 countries in a bid to boost the country’s pandemic-hit tourism industry although visitors will be required to undergo a mandatory two-week hotel quarantine.

Tourists from countries including Australia, France and the United States can travel without visas, but would need a certificate to show they were free of coronavirus 72 hours before travel and a reservation at a quarantine hotel.

Visitors would then be subject to a two-week quarantine period after arriving and the normal 30-day visa would be extended to 45 days.

While in quarantine, arrivals would undergo three COVID-19 tests, up from two required previously.

The revisions come as the tourism-reliant economy struggles to encourage more domestic activity, but an ongoing travel ban continues to keep most foreign tourists away.

Meanwhile, travellers from other countries not included in the announcement could still be eligible for a 90-day special tourist visa and a certificate of entry.

Thailand’s entry restrictions have helped keep its COVID-19 cases at a low 4,281, but has caused widespread economic damage and many job losses.