Thousands attend PTM rally in Pak, demand release of Pashtun leader, activists

at 10:24 pm

New Delhi (NVI): Thousands of Pashtuns today gathered in Wana town in South Waziristan in Pakistan and attended a rally organised by Pashtun Tahafuz Movement to demand release of Pashtun leader Ali Wazir and other PTM activists who have been forcibly arrested by the Pakistani army and police.

Besides the demand of release of Ali Wazir and PTM activists, the massive gathering was also organised to protest against targeted killings of Pashtuns and put pressure on the Pakistani government to take indiscriminate action against terrorists.

The gathering demanded removal of all land mines from Waziristan region and put an end to land disputes. The protesters also demanded that all missing persons be produced before courts and put on a proper trial.

Pertinent to mention here that Pashtuns, Sindhis and Baloch people in Pakistan are facing the common atrocity of enforced disappearances at the hands of Pak government and forces. Activists from these native tribal groups, who raise their voices against Pakistani cruelty and high-handedness are forcefully abducted and imprisoned in secret jails. Their family members are not allowed to meet them and they are not allowed proper trials under the Pakistani constitution.

In today’s massive rally, a huge gathering turned up to demand these rights but the event was not even carried by mainstream Pakistani media.

As per local reports, Pakistan army spokesperson had said in February that they have removed 48,000 land mines in tribal areas in Waziristan and that a government commission is working on enforcedly disappeared people.

However, Pashtun leaders like Ali Wazir are still languishing in Pakistani jails and the demand for their release has not become a huge movement among Pashtun groups in Pakistan.