Tips on latest trends and how to make a career in fashion industry

at 11:30 am
fashion designer
Nirupama Singh a fashion designer and entrepreneur

New Delhi (NVI): Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Nirupama Singh speaks to Dwijendra Kumar, a Fashion Journalist, on latest trends in fashion as also career opportunities available in the fashion industry.

1. Tell Us About Latest Fashion Trends ?

As the pandemic continues to affect, Autumn Winter 2020/21 has all been about “staying at home”. Being confined in ones living rooms…yet the world now navigates towards a new post lock-down normal. With sustainability as key word, the trends focus on volume, fabric & functionality.

Winters have all been about effortless statement dressing, embracing romance, femininity in form of detailing like volumes, flounces. 90’s headscarf trend to mules and leggings with high knee boots edit’s as the most stylish look for women this winter. Menswear shows eclectic mix of trends and draped African wraps mixed with classic tailoring is in vogue. Functionality remains as the essence of all this season as an impact of lockdown.

2. How You Foresee Career Prospects In The Fashion Industry?

There are a foray of options available in business of fashion. Earlier one could only opt for fashion designing, fashion merchandising, fashion selling etc but with technology playing an important role today, we have fashion technology as an emerging field which include studies of AI ( artificial intelligence), fashion forecasting, data management etc. There are plenty of interesting opportunities in area of styling available such as image stylist, creative stylist, fashion blogger, fashion influencer etc to name a few, and last but not the least ,one can also be an entrepreneur by foraying into business of fashion.

3. Did A Course Help You In Entering The Highly Competitive Apparel Business?

Definitely, a course helps one to have information about various aspects of apparel industry and knowledge of products help one gain momentum in one’s professional journey and growth.

4.Tell Us Something About Sera, Your Apparel Brand.

Sera is a womenswear fashion apparel brand, It’s for woman who skilfully balances her different worlds, are socially active, young and quirky, as also aspires for international fashion in her wardrobe. The brand deals into fast fashion category. “ We bring international fashion at a value pricing and lightning speed.” We are available in the Ecom space, technology is the backbone of the brand and we differentiate ourselves through our fashion intelligence! We leverage technology to sense the fashion trend signals and rapidly create and innovate products suiting Indian market.


5. What Would You Advise Those Aspiring To Join The Fashion Industry?

There are tremendous opportunities in the industry. Please pick and choose career wherein you can drive your passion and interests. The possibilities to excel in a field are much larger when it’s driven by one’s passion. Ultimately it is the work satisfaction which will be one of the key ingredients to your success.

6. What Are The Emoluments Generally Paid To The Professionals In Fashion Designing And Fashion Merchandising Fields?

India is one of the potential and growing markets in the fashion landscape. Hence, the prospects are very bright and at par with other industries, Individual performance adds to the kitty. With international players stepping into Indian market, the opportunities are at rise, so is the demand for fashion professionals.