Ukraine war: 1200 more Indians being brought home today, says Govt

at 12:54 am
Indian students on their way back home after leaving war-hit Ukraine. (Pic clicked a few days back)

New Delhi: Around 1200 more Indian nationals, who have fled war-torn Ukraine to the neighbouring countries, are being brought home in a few hours by 7 flights operated by the government of India, according to an announcement made by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar tonight.

On Saturday, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said that over 13,300 Indians have been brought home in 63 flights.

The government is finding it difficult to evacuate hundreds of Indians, mostly students, from Sumy region in Ukraine because of heavy bombardment and lack of transport there.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine on Sunday evening said its team is stationed in Poltava City to coordinate the safe passage of Indian students stranded in Sumy to Western borders via Poltava.

“Confirmed time & date will be issued soon. Indian students (are) advised to be ready to leave on short notice,” the Embassy tweeted.

Earlier, the Embassy tweeted, “Bringing our Indians back home. Group of 44 Indians who began their trip from Pisochyn are on their way to the Polish border from Lviv. Other group of 150+ have made their way to the Romanian border. Our efforts are ongoing.”

On Saturday, a tweet by the Embassy at around 8 PM IST said: ‚ÄúPisochyn has been evacuated of all Indian citizens. Mission will continue to remain in touch with them through their journey. Their safety has always been our priority.”

The government of India had said then that 5 buses had been arranged to ferry around 298 Indian students from Pisochyn.

The Indian Embassy in Hungary tweeted this morning, “Important Announcement: Embassy of India begins its last leg of Operation Ganga flights today. All those students staying in their OWN accommodation ( other than arranged by Embassy) are requested to reach @Hungariacitycentre , Rakoczi Ut 90, Budapest between 10 am-12 pm.”