Under attack, France rejects Visas of Pakistanis

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New Delhi (NVI): France has deported 118 Pakistani nationals while rejecting 183 Visitor Visas of Pakistanis, in a move seen as a retaliation for virulent attacks on French President Emmanuel Macron.

Giving out these details, Marseille-based Consulate General Of Pakistan said they are requesting France to allow Pakistanis temporary stay.

“183 visitor visa provided to our citizens has been found to be rejected by French authorities following the criticism by PM Imran khan. 118 citizen with proper documents were deported forcefully. We’re currently in touch with French authority to give our citizens temporary stay,” it tweeted.

“After cross-checking the list of deportees handed to us, we have found the name of Lt.Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s sister there. We’ve requested french authorities to provide her temporary stay as she wants to see her ailing mother-in-law, ” it added.

Pakistan, led by its Prime Minister Imran Khan, has been indulging in virulent attacks on Macron after he vouched for freedom of speech and denounced Islamist terrorism, which has been unleashed on France.

A number of attacks on French nationals have been witnessed in France lately by the Islamist radicals.