United States notifies UN of withdrawal from WHO

US President Donald Trump

New Delhi (NVI): The United States has formally notified the United Nations (UN) of its official withdrawing from the World Health Organization (WHO), a move that comes after a rise in number of coronavirus cases in the country.

The letter confirming the move was delivered to the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres on Tuesday, as per foreign media reports.

Earlier in May, US President Donald Trump had announced that the country would withdraw from WHO in the near future, accusing the agency of becoming a puppet for China during the coronavirus pandemic.

After more than 70 years of membership, the United States moved to quit the WHO amid escalating tensions with China over the coronavirus pandemic.

In this regard, the US has given one-year notice of its withdrawal from the Geneva-based body and for paying all Washington’s dues under a 1948 joint resolution of the US Congress.

The United States currently owes the organization more than USD 200 million in assessed contributions, according to the WHO website.

Meanwhile, the democratic lawmakers have already lashed out at the Trump administration and accused the US President of attempting to deflect the criticism over his handling of COVID-19.

Nancy Pelosi, the US House of Representatives Speaker called Trump’s move “an act of true senselessness as WHO coordinates the global fight against COVID-19.”