UPSC clarifies on CSE result 2019

New Delhi (NVI): The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) today issued a clarification regarding misleading information on Civil Services Examination 2019 results, that the number of candidates recommended is fewer than the vacancies indented by the government.

The UPSC in a statement said, “It has been brought to the notice of the Union Public Service Commission that some misleading information is circulating regarding less number of recommended candidates against the vacancies indented by the Government for the Civil Services Examination, 2019.”

It is hereby clarified that, as against 927 vacancies for Civil Services Examination (CSE), 2019, the commission, in the first instance, has released the result of 829 candidates and has also maintained a reserve list in accordance with Rule-16 (4) & (5) of Civil Services Examination Rules, 2019.

“This is a standard practice since decades, commission said, adding that, “In case candidates belonging to reserve categories who are selected at general standards, wish to choose services and cadre based on their reserve status if it is beneficial for them, the resultant vacancies may be filled up from the reserve list.”

The statement further added, the reserve list carries adequate number of candidates from the reserve categories also to cater to the shortfall arising out of preferences exercised by candidates belonging to reserve categories figuring above general standard.

UPSC is also mandated to keep the reserve list confidential till the process of such exercise of preferences is over in accordance with Rule 16(5) of the Civil Services Examination Rules, 2019, it added.