Uyghur Muslim woman praises India for not deporting Uyghurs to repressive China

at 9:37 pm
The Chinese Communist Party regime has admitted that it has subjected, on an average around 1.3 million people to "re-education" since 2014, at such concentration camps.

New Delhi (NVI): An Uyghur Muslim woman has praised India for not deporting Uyghurs to a repressive China where they face mass detention camps and human rights violations at the hands of Beijing, a burning human rights issue that has evoked reactions from world leaders.

The Uyghur woman has also said that some Muslim countries keep returning or deporting helpless Uyghurs to China and “support China’s genocide”.

“We respect Indian Government, we respect their dignity, they never returned Uyghur people (from India) but some Muslim countries keep returning Uyghur people to China and supporting China’s Genocide in 21st Century”, Mahira Ghopur, the Uyghur Muslim woman told INCTV.

China has imprisoned thousands of Uyghur Muslims in so called “re-education camps” in its Xinjiang Autonomous Region, as part of what it calls its “fight against terrorism and religious extremism”.

World leaders have already called on China to take action to improve human-rights conditions for Uyghurs in the country and stop genocide against them.

Recently, the US, Canada and allies in Europe had leveled sanctions against Chinese officials over the repression of Muslim Uyghurs. The Joe Biden administration has made particular efforts to forge coalitions against Beijing for inhuman treatment of Muslim Uyghurs in China.