Vice President calls for holistic overhaul of education system 

at 11:31 am
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu at the closing ceremony of DHRUV

New Delhi (NVI): Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has called for holistic overhaul of country’s education system to enable children move from “narrow confines of competition to the limitless world of collaboration.”

“Education should be holistic and propel children to move from narrow confines of competition to the limitless world of collaboration,” Naidu said speaking at the closing ceremony of DHRUV, Pradhan Mantri Innovative Learning Programme that seeks to enrich skills and knowledge of talented children , here on October 24.

Pointing out that the world we live in today is facing challenges from poverty to climate change, he said “collective synergy and creative energy of our youngsters are needed to overcome these formidable obstacles.”

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“India needs a scientific renaissance and cultural revitalization as both science and culture were essential for any civilization to flourish,” Vice President said.

The Vice President also gave away the DHRUV batches to the 60 meritorious students selected under the program.

Naidu said that ‘DHRUV’ is a unique initiative of the Ministry of Human Resources Development. It will act as a turning point in the lives of extraordinarily talented students by acting as a platform for them to explore their talents and achieve excellence in their specific areas of interest.

Calling for institutionalization of DHRUV programme, the Vice President said that it should become a movement across the country. He said that there was also a need to create permanent forums like Science Museums, Science Labs, Dance and Music courses. “Theatre and art should be part of our school curriculum.  I hope the Ministry will take up this task in the future,” he added.

Stressing the need to create the right conditions in schools, colleges and Universities for the spirit of excellence and innovation to thrive, Naidu said that greater emphasis should be laid on quality education.

“I am glad that the DHRUV programme is focussing both on science and performing arts,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion Union HRD Minister said that the potential in our students is endless and DHRUV aims at helping students to realize their potential to the fullest through the just concluded programme, in which multi-faceted support was provided over the course of fourteen days.