WATCH | Brave railway Pointsman Mayur Shelke risks life to save child from train

at 3:15 pm

CCTV footage showing the exceptional act of courage by railway pointsman Mayur Shelke who risked his own life to save a child from an approaching train at the Vangani Railway station platform in Mumbai. The video that has gone viral shows a six-year-old boy slipping from the edge of the platform while walking with his visually impaired mother and landing on the tracks, just seconds before an approaching train. At this moment, the blind mother could only scream in horror, with the death approaching. Mayur Shelke sprinted towards the child in a fraction of second and lifted him back to safety. Shelke literally pulled the boy from the jaws of death. His act of bravery can’t be matched with any award or prize money but Railways has decided to give a reward of Rs 50,000 to Shelke for inspiring humanity.