We don’t want to live with Pakistan, say freedom-seeking Sindhi people

at 9:14 pm
People of Sindh holding rally today to demand freedom from Pakistan.
Larkana (Pakistan-occupied Sindh): The 70 million people of Sindh do not want to live with Pakistan, which has illegally occupied the territory of Sindhudesh.
This was the common vow and outcry by tens of thousands of Sindhis, mostly women, who converged here today to pay tributes to their departed leader Shaheed Bashir Khan Qureshi on his 10th death anniversary.
The gathering, organised by Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM), used the occasion to pay tributes to other martyrs of Sindhudesh too.
The unanimous cry during the rally was that Sindhi people do not want to live with Pakistan because “our history, culture and identity is totally different from Pakistan, which is an unnatural country.”
The rally was organized by JSFM workers (Sormi’s), mostly women, in Ratodero, Larkana of Sindh in remembrance of national freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the cause of national freedom of Sindhudesh.
These events will be continue till April 25, until death anniversary of Sain GM Syed, the founder idealogue of Sindhudesh.
In the month of April, 8 national leaders of Sindh were martyred by the Pakistani intelligence agencies and establishment, it was noted.
“We Sindhi are secular people while Pakistan promotes Islamist radicalism. We Sindhi are peace-loving people with secular values. We believe in prosperity & betterment of humanity. For us, religion is not a State matter. We respect all faiths while Pakistan supports state-sponsored Islamist terrorism,” the JSFM said.
Till now, 55 national freedom movement leaders and workers have been killed by Pakistani forces “because of our demand of right of self-determination”.
On the occasion, JSFM chief organizer Zafar Sahito, in a live message from USA where he lives in exile, vowed that the struggle for independence of Sindh would continue.
He announced that an event to pay tributes to Sain G M Syed on his 27th Death anniversary and other Martyrs of April will be organized in Sann SINDH on April 25th 2022 and in Houston Texas on April 24, 2022
“In the freedom movement, there have been many brave leaders and activists who sacrificed their lives. We consider all of them as martyrs,” Sahito said.
“In these difficult times, when the national movement of Sindh is suffering from a state of depression, many friends are getting away from the movement.
“I would like to say them that , death is a natural process that can happen anytime due to an accident or illness. So defeat the fear, and keep continue to grow and expand for the getting homeland free,” he added.
He remembered comrades of Sindhudesh — Shaheed Bashir Khan Qureshi, Shaheed Sarai Qurban Kahwar , Shaheed Shafi Karnani, Shaheed Rooplo Choliani, Shaheed Nurullah Tunio, Shaheed Amar Khawar and Shaheed Sajjad Markhand who embraced martyrdom in the month of April.
“JSFM will continue to carry out the mission of all those martyrs of Sindh and will one day give the good news of independence to the Sindhi nation,” Sahito asserted.
JSFM Central organizer Bhakhtawar Sindhu said, “We pay tributes to all the martyrs of Sindhudesh including their families who suffered a lot in this noble cause and mission. I salute all the daughters, wives, mothers and sisters of martyrs of Sindhudesh, who stand along with those Heroes of Sindh.”
JSFM Deputy Chief organizer Raja Sodho said, “Pakistani intelligence agencies are abducting our political workers so that they can create fear and stop us from our freedom struggle. But they will fail because we will keep our fight till our last breath against Pakistan.”