Will start a similar war in Punjab that Pak is trying to impose on Balochistan: BLA

at 10:12 pm
Will start similar war in Punjab that Pak is trying to impose on Balochistan: BLA

New Delhi (NVI): Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has said that it is fully capable of starting a similar war in Pakistan’s Punjab province that Islamabad is trying to impose on Balochistan and other countries.

In a statement released to media yesterday, Jeeyand Baloch, the spokesperson of BLA, said that “Baloch Liberation Army considers the defence and liberation of Baloch nation its utmost responsibility”, reports The Balochistan Post.

“We cannot allow the enemy forces to run rampage against innocent civilians, women and children. Today’s attack was only a short trailer. If innocent Baloch civilians, women and children are not safe and continue to be targeted in Balochistan or abroad then the non-combatant citizens of the enemy state will also not find refuge. We have full capability of starting a similar war in Punjab that the enemy is trying to impose on Baloch nation in Balochistan and other countries,” Jeeyand Baloch was quoted as saying by TBP.

BLA’s stern warning to Pakistan government has come in the wake of mysterious death of Baloch activist Karima Baloch in Canada last week.

BLA also took the responsibility of destroying outposts of Pakistani forces in Bolan, and claimed it has killed 11 personnel and injured several others yesterday.

“The fighters of Baloch Liberation Army attacked outposts of Pakistani military in Jhalawan Thank area of Shahrag, Bolan and killed 11 personnel of Pakistani military,” the statement read.

The BLA spokesperson further claimed that multiple Pakistani security personnel fled the outposts leaving behind their weapons and dead bodies. “The outposts were under the control of BLA for more than two hours and the weapons and belongings of enemy forces were confiscated,” he was quoted as saying by TBP.

The news portal said that earlier, local authorities confirmed that a serious attack took place on multiple outposts of Pakistani forces around 5 pm (local time) on Saturday. The attack continued for multiple hours and backup forces tried to regain the control of the area late into the night, reports TBP.

It said that the authorities this morning confirmed that 8 personnel, including a junior commissioned officer at the rank of Naib Subedar in Pakistani army were killed and six others received serious injuries. The outposts were also completely destroyed.

Pertinent to mention here that Baloch armed groups like BLA have carried out several attacks in last two years on Pakistani security forces, destroying their outposts/camps in various areas of Balochistan.

According to The Balochistan Post, analysts believe the armed groups have changed modus operandi from carrying out distant attacks with minimum direct engagement to direct face to face gun battles. The dramatic transformation in tactics has led to increased casualties on both sides, TBP reported.

In its yesterday’s statement, BLA also said: “the uncivilised occupying forces have been completely defeated by Baloch freedom fighters on all fronts. Therefore, they have resorted to violence on innocent civilians, particularly women and children, and non-combatant political workers. Now their cunning acts are not limited to Balochistan and they have begun targeting Baloch refugees and journalists in foreign countries too.”

BLA is considered the fiercest armed group in Balochistan, fighting for liberation of the Baloch nation from Pakistan which has engaged in forced disappearance and mass killings of innocent Baloch people over the years.