World Nature Conservation Day 2020: How COVID-19 is helping nature to heal

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New Delhi (NVI): With industries shut, vehicles off roads and most of the economy staying shut in view of COVID-19 pandemic, nearly three months of lockdown proved to be a golden period for the flora and the fauna giving it enough time to recover.

Not only the air and other pollution went down drastically, but there were many instances reported were the wildlife also came out of their hideouts and roamed across cities.

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated to create and increase awareness about the importance of natural resources and how one can live sustainably. The day encourages people to save and protect Earth’s natural resources that are fast-depleting owing to over-exploitation and even misuse.

Celebrated across the globe on July 28, this Day also recognises that a healthy environment is the core reason for a stable and productive society. The sustainabke practices are such that the well-being of the present and future generations can be secured.

The Ministry of Culture, via their official Twitter handle, posted a video and captioned it: “Nature worship is indeed an integral part of the Indian Culture. On the occasion of #WorldNatureConservationDay let’s all take pledge to protect, conserve, and sustainably manage our natural resources and make this world a better and healthier place for our future generations.”

The best example of healing of nature due to lockdown was witnessed when Yamuna in Delhi started having clean water.

According to a finding by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, the Yamuna was cleaner by around 33 per cent compared to the pre-lockdown days.

The lockdown also had a huge positive impact on the air quality in India as well as around the world.