10,000 Chinese troops move back from areas near LAC in Eastern Ladakh: Reports

at 11:03 pm
Chinese troops

New Delhi (NVI): China has moved back around 10,000 troops from positions near Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh, where the Chinese and Indian armies have confronted each other since April-May last year, according to reports.

This is a significant development as diplomatic and military level talks between the two countries have not reached a conclusion yet. Although reports have claimed the movement of 10,000 Chinese troops, the deployment of troops in frontline areas has remained the same.

The 10,000 Chinese troops have moved back from their traditional training areas opposite Eastern Ladakh sector and areas near it, as per the reports.

Notably, the Chinese traditional areas cover a huge area, around 150 kilometers and beyond the Indian side of LAC. China has deployed a huge number of troops along with heavy weaponry in these areas since April-May last year.

The reports have claimed that Chinese troops may be moving from the depth areas due to extreme winters and sub-zero temperatures. However, it is difficult to say if these troops will be back once there is a rise in temperature in February-March.

Pertinent to mention here that China had deployed around 50,000 troops near the Indian side of LAC in Eastern Ladakh, in aggressive posturing. The Indian Army had also done mirror deployment of troops in the area to counter any misadventure by the Chinese.

Since April-May last year, the Chinese troops started transgressing into Indian territory in the garb of training exercises and provoked Indian troops multiple times. This also led to a number of clashes between both sides including the deadly Galwan Valley face-off in Eastern Ladakh.

However, the Indian Army has been able to push the Chinese troops back in key strategic areas and keeping a track of PLA’s movement in extreme weather conditions. The Indian Army has kept a vigil at the northern and southern banks of Pangong Tso lake.