3 stranded fishermen rescued off Kannur by Indian Coast Guard

at 4:55 pm

New Delhi (NVI): Three fishermen stranded off Kerala’s Kannur coast due to rough weather conditions caused by ‘Cyclone Tauktae’, have been rescued by the Indian Coast Guard.

“Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has rescued three fishermen stranded in a marooned Indian Fishing Boat (IFB) Badhriyain as the Cyclone Tauktae ravaged sea off Kannur, ” the Defence Ministry said in a statement today.

In a swift and daring operation on the night of May 14, ICG ship Vikram rescued IFB Badhriya which had left Talessary Harbour on May 9, it said.

The fishermen were provided medical emergency treatment onboard the ICG ship. ICG Headquarters No. 4 Kerala and Mahe coordinating the search and rescue operation in the state, the statement said.

District Commander DIG Sanatan Jena, TM said, “Despite very rough sea conditions, ICG ships were out at sea rescuing the fishers trapped in rough sea and wind conditions.”

Cyclone Tauktae, which left its impact off Kerala Coast, is now slowly and steadily moving up in the northern direction.

The ICG is continuously warning all fishermen about the deteriorating weather condition and impending cyclonic weather through Radar Stations and ICG aircraft patrolling the areas.