51 lakh people to get Covid vaccine in first phase in Delhi: Kejriwal

at 3:28 pm
51 lakh people to get Covid vaccine in first phase in Delhi: Kejriwal

New Delhi (NVI) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said that 51 lakh people in three categories have been identified to be given the Covid-19 vaccine doses in the first phase of vaccination in the national capital.

While unveiling the Delhi Government’s mega vaccination plan at a virtual press briefing here, Kejriwal said that the vaccination will be carried out as per the guidelines released by the Centre. He said the 51 lakh people will include healthcare workers, frontline workers and those above 50 years of age. In the third category, people below 50 years who have co-morbid conditions may also get the vaccine, he said.

Kejriwal further said that each person will get two doses of the vaccine, which means 1.02 crore doses will be required in the initial phase for these priority people. He said that at present, Delhi has a cold storage capacity for 74 lakh doses but this will be further increased to 1 crore and 15 lakh in a maximum of one week.

The Chief Minister said that all these priority category people are being registered. “When the vaccine comes, then only those people who have a registration will get the vaccine on a priority basis. These people will be informed through SMS or other means to tell them where and when they have to come to get the vaccine dose,” he said.

In addition to this, Kejriwal said, preparations are underway to arrange for sites and locations in Delhi for Covid vaccination. He said there are sufficient locations and the manpower has also been taken care of. “One team will have 5 members, so all the staff and officers to be engaged have been identified and they have been trained,” he added.

“In case a vaccinated person has some side effect or faces a medical problem, then also we have arranged for teams of specialists and doctors to treat that person,” he said.