Adiala Jail being managed by officials of ISI, says Imran Khan in court petition
In the petition filed through his counsel Shoaib Shaheen, Khan said that two intelligence officials virtually control the prison

at 12:17 am
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (File pic)

Islamabad, June 28: Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has filed a petition before the Islamabad High Court (IHC) seeking judicial intervention in the affairs of the Rawalpindi Central Jail, or Adiala Jail where he is incarcerated, saying the prison is being managed by a colonel and major of the ISI who interfere in its functioning.

In the petition filed through his counsel Shoaib Shaheen, Khan said that two intelligence officials virtually control the prison, Dawn reported.

The petition said that despite IHC’s clear orders, the superintendent of Adiala Jail did not allow him to consult with the PTI leadership as well as lawyers.

He cited the case recently decided by the IHC in which the high court, while referring to Rule 265 of the Jail Manual, observed that the inmate is entitled to writing letters and interviews twice a week.

The petition states: “It is clarified that this order is passed to remind, reiterate and preserve the values and traditions of our legal system and has little to do with the identity of the petitioner alone. These values and traditions must apply across the board, irrespective of who the petitioner is, but, it goes without saying, they acquire greater prominence when the prisoner in question happens to be not only a political leader with substantial following but also the erstwhile holder of the highest executive office of the nation.”

According to the petition, the IHC has time and again directed the Superintendent of Adiala Jail to “revise the standard operating procedure that two days in a week are insufficient for the purpose of a meeting”.

The petitioner said that the Supreme Court of Pakistan, while hearing an appeal about amendments to National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) laws, has admitted that PTI and the petitioner have greater support among the masses and the apex court has suggested political dialogues to allow the party to perform its significant role in reducing the miseries of the masses at large.

However, the petition states that “this whole process has been dealt with by the colonel and major of ISI who create interference and indulgence in the civil administration due to having a mala fide intention against the petitioner and due to their interference the petitioner is unable to consult with party leadership and his fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution are not protected”.

The petition said that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was allowed to consult more than 15 people a day without interruption whereas Imran Khan has been denied his meetings with the party leadership and lawyers.