Afghan teenage girl guns down 2 Taliban terrorists who killed her parents

New Delhi (NVI): Displaying exemplary bravery, a 15-year-old Afghan girl shot dead two Taliban terrorists with her father’s AK-47 rifle and injured another after they killed her parents in western Afghanistan.

Qamar Gul said the terrorists dragged her parents out of their home and killed them in front of her and her 12-year-old brother in Taywarah district of the western province of Ghor, the TOLOnews reported.

It was an action to “avenge” the killing of her family members, she said.

The incident took place at night when the Taliban men came and assaulted Gul’s parents. They dragged them outside the house and killed them. Qamar Gul, who was with her younger brother, took her father’s AK-47 rifle and started shooting at the terrorists. While two of them were shot dead, another was left wounded in the incident.

“They killed my father and mother in front of us and I took my father’s gun and started shooting and two of them were killed and another was wounded. We continued the fighting and my brother (a 12-year-old boy) also supported me and then our relatives came, and the Taliban escaped from the area,” Qamar Gul was quoted as saying by TOLOnews.

Meanwhile, Gul and her brother have been taken Firozkoh city, capital of Ghor province, by local officials in order to protect them from Taliban threats, reports the news portal.

While the provincial and local government officials have praised the teenage girl for her heroic act, the news of the incident created quite a buzz on social media, with Twitterati comparing her to Malala Yousafzai.

Noor Mohammad Kohnaward, provincial governor, while meeting Qamar Gul at his office told her: “The government of Afghanistan is praising you and the women of Afghanistan for your heroism and courage.” “Don’t worry about anything,” he added.

The locals have also urged the government to protect the girl and her brother against any kind of potential threat.

According to TOLOnews, Afghan government Officials have also said that the sister and brother will soon move to Kabul as President Ghani has issued an order in this regard, for their safety. The President will meet them at the Presidential Palace, they said.