After Kabul, ISKP planning more attacks on Hindus & Sikhs

at 1:05 am
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New Delhi: Terror outfit Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), which is believed to be responsible for the attack on Gurudwara in Kabul on Saturday, is reportedly planning more attacks against Hindus and Sikhs.

The excuse reportedly cited for these plans is the controversial comments made by the now-suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and now-expelled Delhi BJP Media Unit head Naveen Kumar against Prophet Mohammed.

In a pamphlet issued by ISKP’s mouthpiece Al Azaim Foundation, the outfit has talked about attacks against “all Hindus” and Sikhs as a reaction to the blasphemous remarks by Nupur and Naveen, according to The Khorasan Diary media outlet.

In the 12-page pamphlet, the ISKP has expressed extreme hatred for Hindus and called for their massacre “wherever you find them”,  it said.

The ISKP also criticises Taliban-Indian relations, stating that Taliban could not protect Shias and they will not be able to protect “Hindus” either, The Khorasan Diary reported.

The pamphlet was issued after a group of terrorists, believed to belong to ISKP, attacked Karte Parwan Gurudwara in Kabul on Saturday morning.

Earlier on June 14, the outfit started a news bulletin service through its mouthpiece Al Azaim foundation and the first news bulletin focused on India and the issue of blasphemy, the Khorasan Diary said.

The video featured Nupur Sharma and houses of Muslims bulldozed in India, it reported.

It then featured previous statements of ISKP suicide bombers who were Indian and attacked a Gurudwara in Kabul in August 2021.

In the news bulletin, the terror outfit threatened attacks against India wherever possible, the report said.

The video then criticized the Taliban in Afghanistan, particularly Mulla Yaqoob for his interview to an Indian news channel & its Foreign Minister Maulvi Amir Khan Mottaki meeting Indian officials for beginning new cooperation, the report said.

The bulletin also featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi and showed the attacks on Sikhs in Afghanistan followed by animations of a suicide bombing, according to the report. 

The bulletin ended with a message to conduct attacks very soon, the report said.