Amit Shah launches Winter-Grade Diesel outlet in Ladakh

at 7:01 pm

New Delhi (NVI): In a move to boost tourism in extreme weather conditions and help in the economic development of Ladakh, Home Minister Amit Shah today launched the 1st Winter-Grade Diesel outlet.

The Home Minister while inaugurating through video-conferencing said that the Winter-Grade Diesel will not only smoothen the travel and transportation during peak tourist season in extreme cold, but also help in giving a boost to tourism and supply needs of the people of the region and helping in the overall economic development.

The winter grade diesel produced by Panipat Refinery for the first time, has a pour point of minus 33 degree C and does not lose its fluidity function even in the extreme winter weather of the region unlike the normal grade of diesel which becomes exceedingly difficult to utilize, an official statement said.

This winter grade diesel also meets BIS specification of BS-VI grade diesel and has been successfully produced and certified for the first time by Panipat Refinery on November 8 this year.

He said that by bringing change in the status of Ladakh and the enhanced budget, all round development of the region has been ensured. Adding that, the newly introduced provisions of local taxation will also augment their financial resources.

Referring to a series of developmental measures taken by the Narendra Modi Government in the last five years, Shah said that people of Ladakh, Leh and Kargil now enjoy same rights and will be equal partner in the development of the country.

He also informed that besides nine MW hydro power project India’s largest solar project of 7500 MW with an outlay of Rs 50,000 cr will be completed in four years.