100 Pakistani soldiers killed in attacks on military installations: BLA

at 12:51 am
BLA freedom fighters who lost their lives during attack on FC Hqrs in Balochistan today

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Quetta: Carrying out the biggest strike against Pakistani military, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) today claimed to have killed over 100 soldiers, including a senior officer, in daring twin attacks at the headquarters of Frontier Corps (FC) in Panjgur and Noshki areas of Balochistan.

The BLA, which is fighting for freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan, said it lost 11 cadres in the two operations which began last evening and resulted in large scale destruction at the military installations.

“Baloch Liberation Army’s Majeed Brigade has successfully completed its operation in FC headquarters in Nushki. 9 self-sacrificers (fidayeen) of the Brigade took part in Nushki operation,” said the outfit’s spokesman Jeeyand Baloch after nearly 16 hours of intense gunfight at the security installation.

“In the operation, the BLA Majeed Brigade fidayees eliminated at least 100 personnel of Pakistani military including an officer, just in the Nushki FC headquarters,” he said.

Jeeyand Baloch said a huge portion of enemy’s headquarter has completely been destroyed.

“After several hours of continuous battle, the fidayees used their last bullets to sacrifice themselves for the motherland and the nation,” the spokesman added.

He identified the fidayeen martyrs of the Nushki operation Badal Baloch alias Riyasat, Murad Aajo alias Baba, Aneel Baloch alias Balach, Yasir Noor alias Saif, Aziz baloch alias Barag, Ibraheem Baloch alias Kabeer, Deedag Bahar alias Rauf, Bilal Baloch alias Wahid Jan and Meerain Baloch alias Zagrain.

The Panjgur operation in FC headquarters continues, the BLA spokesperson said in the latest statement.

Earlier this morning, he said, “In Panjgur, the Baloch Liberation Army’s Majeed Brigade has so far killed more than 50 enemy personnel, captured a large area of the FC headquarters and managed to encircle the enemy forces in one place.”

In a statement, issued after about 6 hours of fighting, he said, “Two Fidayeen (self-sacrificers) of the Majeed Brigade have embraced martyrdom in this operation so far. Rest of the Fidayeen are obliterating the enemy army by tightening the siege.”

Pakistan’s military confirmed the attacks but said those were “successfully” repulsed.

The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media outlet of the Pakistani military, said in a statement that 13 attackers were killed at the two places.

It said 4 soldiers, including an officer, and 9 attackers were killed in Noshki.

The ISPR also confirmed that the gunfight in Panjgur was still on.

In Panjgur, four attackers were killed while at least four to five were “encircled by security forces”, the statement said.