Baloch freedom fighters bomb Pakistani train carrying soldiers, many killed or hurt

at 9:03 pm

Quetta: The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), which is fighting for independence of Balochistan from Pakistan, today said its cadres bombed a train carrying Pakistani Army personnel, killing and injuring several of them besides derailing 4 bogies of the locomotive.

The BLA freedom fighters bombed the Jaffar Express in Mushkaf area of Bolan near Sibi while it was on its way from Quetta to Rawalpindi in Punjab, the outfit’s spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a statement.

Four bogies of the train got derailed due to the explosion, he said.

Baloch said personnel of occupying Pakistan Army were travelling on the train, going home on a vacation.

“The (BLA) operatives carried out the operation following a tip-off from the BLA Intelligence Wing,” the spokesman said, adding “the blast killed and injured several soldiers in the four bogies.”

Pakistani media reports said the explosive device had been planted next to the railway track and went off as the train was moving.

Due to the blast, multiple coaches of Jaffar Express were derailed, according to Aaj News report.

A Pakistan Railway spokesperson confirmed that at least four coaches were derailed.

The spokesperson, in a statement, said that the explosion occurred on the Quetta-Sibi section of the railway track.