Baloch group BRAS opposes Feb 8 polls, targets forces & machinery

at 11:47 pm
Representative picture of Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS) fighters

Quetta: Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS), a group fighting for independence of Balochistan, has stepped up its attacks  targeting the ongoing campaign for February 8 polls in the occupied territory, saying the “so-called” elections are an excuse to prolong illegal occupation of the region by Pakistan.

It said tonight that its fighters carried out 14 attacks at various places of Balochistan, targeting election candidates, campaign offices and the occupying Pakistani army over the past few days.

The attacks were carried out in Quetta, Kharan, Kalat, Awaran, Kech and Panjgur areas of Balochistan, its spokesman Baloch Khan said in a statement.

“Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar has already made it clear that it completely rejects the so-called elections in occupied Balochistan and considers this election a pretence to prolong Pakistan’s forced occupation of Balochistan,” he said.

The outfit appealed to the Baloch people to keep a safe distance from the “so-called election campaign so that they do not suffer any loss of life or property”.

Giving details, the spokesman said today at around 8 am, BRAS fighters targeted the election office of Jamiat-Ul-Islam (JUI) in Mangchar area of ​​Kalat by lobbing a grenade.

In another operation, freedom fighters of the group targeted an Officers’ Mess of the occupying Pakistani army in Kalat city by firing rockets, the spokesman said, adding the enemy force suffered heavy loss of life and property.

Yesterday, at around 10 pm, BRAS fighters attacked a check post of the occupying Pakistani army in Tajaban, Kirki area of ​​Kech with heavy and automatic weapons.

In the attack, at least 2 occupation army personnel were killed and many were injured, the spokesman said, adding the army also suffered financial losses.

The BRAS fighters also attacked the campaign office for the so-called Pakistani elections at Magsi stop on the Eastern Bypass in Quetta at around 10 am yesterday, Baloch Khan said.

In another operation, the freedom fighters targeted the election office with a grenade attack at the same place at around 6 pm yesterday, he said.

BRAS fighters also attacked the residence of Shoaib Noshirwani, the former “puppet” Interior Minister of occupied Balochistan and election candidate of Pakistan Muslim League-N, in Kharan last night, he said.

The said residence is being used for election campaign, Baloch Khan added.

Shoaib Naushirwani was the Interior Minister of Balochistan at the time of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s martyrdom, he said.

“Once again, with the support of the occupying Pakistani army, the said person is trying to stabilize the interests of the occupiers by becoming a minister through the pretence of election,” the spokesman said.

The freedom fighters also targeted the election campaign office of the People’s Party at Mughalzai near Kalat city last night in a grenade attack, he said.

Earlier, on January 31, BRAS fighters attacked a Pakistani army post on the CPEC route in Kirki area of ​​Kech, causing heavy loss of life and property, the spokesman said.

On the same day, the BRAS fighters attacked the Pakistani army camp in Mishke Tankak area of ​​Awaran at around 10:30 am and caused serious loss of life and property to the enemy army, he said.

In another operation, the freedom fighters targeted the enemy army camp at Mishke Ugar at around 8 pm on January 31 with heavy weapons, he said.

At around one o’clock in the night of January 31, BRAS fighters targeted the main camp of the Pakistani Army in Hoshop area of ​​Kech with rocket and grenade launchers.

On the night of January 31, the freedom fighters targeted the occupying army’s post on water supply in Panjgur area’s Kalkor Sahaki with automatic weapons.

On January 30, BRAS fighters attacked a post of the occupying Pakistani Army in Bilor area of ​​Kolwah in Kech by attacking with automatic weapons, as a result of which the enemy suffered casualties, he said.

Earlier on January 28, the freedom fighters attacked the camp of the Pakistani army in Kanichi area of ​​Awaran with automatic and heavy weapons, as a result of which the enemy army had to suffer heavy casualties, he said.

“The Baloch pro-independence forces will defeat this so-called electoral tactic with the support of the Baloch nation,” the spokesman asserted.

BRAS said that in its attacks on election campaigners, it has taken a cautious approach to avoid public harm.

“Our attacks on the occupying Pakistani army and the so-called election campaign will continue,” the spokesman said.