Balochistan: BRAS continues to target poll machinery, Pakistani forces

at 6:58 pm
Representative Picture of Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar (BRAS)

Quetta: Having declared their strong opposition to the February 8 elections in occupied Balochistan, freedom-seeking group Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS) is continuing its attacks targeting the poll campaign, candidates and the Pakistani forces across the region.

Fighters of BRAS targeted the occupying Pakistani army and “so-called election offices” in Gwadar, Balida, Panjgur, Khuzdar, Hub, Kharan and Nushki in over the last few days, its spokesman Baloch Khan said in a statement.

He said these attacks resulted in several casualties among the Pakistani forces and those associated with the election process but “the enemy, as usual, tries to hide its losses”.

The BRAS fighters yesterday fired multiple shells from a grenade launcher at a check post of the occupying Pakistani army in Heronk, causing casualties and financial losses to the enemy, Khan said.

In a separate attack during the day, BRAS fighters attacked the election office of People’s Party in Hubshahr in a grenade attack, he said.

In two more operations yesterday, the freedom fighters targeted the polling station of WAPDA office in Wapda Colony in Kharan city and the polling station of Girls Secondary School in grenade attacks.

BRAS fighters also attacked the office of the Election Commission in Girishg Suraj in a grenade attack.

In the night yesterday, the freedom fighters targeted the Election Commission office in Nushki city in an IED attack, the spokesman said, adding the office was damaged in the blast.

In an operation in the night yesterday, a check post of the Pakistani army was targeted in an armed attack in Girishg Sarij, in which the enemy army had to suffer loss of life and property, he said.

On February 4, at around 200 PM, BRAS fighters detonated a remote-controlled IED, targeting a vehicle of the occupying Pakistan army at Nalani in Nalant area of ​​Gwadar, he said, adding it causes casualties among the forces.

On the night of February 4, the fighters attacked the house of National Party chief Mir Yaqoob Qambrani in Perinder Dhal Bedi and Hasan Goth area of ​​Awaran with hand grenades, he said, adding the targeted individual was already warned to avoid the so-called campaigning.

In another operation, the fighters attacked a post of the occupying Pakistani army in Gili area of ​​Bulaida on the night of February 2 from two sides, the spokesman said, adding the enemy army suffered heavy loss of life and property.

“Our attacks on the so-called election campaign will continue. We request the public to keep a safe distance from election offices and candidates,” the BRAS spokesman said.

He said the fighters of the outfit are taking precautionary measures to minimize casualties, “but we make it clear that our operations will intensify.”