Baloch leaders pay tributes to martyr Commander

at 9:40 pm
By Baloch leaders Dr. Allah Nazar & Feroz Baloch 
All of us, as people, tend to fall weak sometimes. It happens to everyone.
We may think that some people are immune to it, but that is not true.
It happens to everyone: men, women, children, and the aged. But when you feel vulnerable you show strength in your most difficult times.
We all know Shaheed Rehmath alias Hakim as a man of dignity who stood firm and did his duty, who put his cause his priority, he had a great sense of humor and satire, a Leader and a commanding figure to his Comrades.
He’s the man we are familiar with but he had a brave woman behind him who supported him through the ups and downs of his wife Luma (Abida).
After Rehmat Jan got martyred, her two young sons got martyred consequently, and yet continue to live with a smile that hides all her pain. Abida’s courage is hope for the Baloch nation.
Starting his career as a political activist, gathering moral support until facilitating Baloch sarmarchars with ration and equipment, he was always ready for us.
Even if I write a book, that will not capitulate the man he was.
We are the same age — only one week apart. He and I went to the same school in Jebri until matriculation. Then I went to Gajar while he stayed there.
He, as a brother, was always there for me, supported me in my sickness. When I was released from torture cells, his economic support to me and the party has been immense.
He was very patriotic and nationalist. He had a poetic temperament.
We used to be together all the time, separated for study purposes.
He often made fun of us all, but his jokes were very meaningful.
We laughed instead of being angry.
Hakim’s words and jokes were the cure for depression & anxiety.
He started his struggle in 2002 in politics. He worked with chairman Ghulam M and Dr. Mannan for years.
After many years, he left BNM and joined BLF to make the story of his braveness on the battlefield. Being a combat Commander, he did politics very well.
Everywhere in Balochistan, anyone got martyred, he didn’t sit in peace until he attacked Pakistani forces.
He always promised all martyrs that he will sacrifice himself with his children and everyone.
Yes, he completed his promise and sacrificed himself, his children and everything.
He did lots of work but didn’t show off, like others. He was a soldier from within and a complete guerilla that he didn’t show his deeds.
Because of his simplicity, sincerity, bravery, honesty, and abilities, he soon became a Commander.
He led more than 60 soldiers. He separated his wing soldiers into 2 groups and handled both of the groups.
He stood in front of enemies like a mountain.
On every battlefield he defeated enemies.
Whether the enemies were in the form of Army or death squad, he faced them with his boldness.
He was hope for us. The important thing — he knew how to handle people. He never worried about himself.
Every time, he cared about his friends, even if he had to face bullets, he went first before his comrades, friends.
He bought good stuff for his friends than himself, good and high-quality arms and motorcycles. He never wished for himself but for his friends.
Rehmath was the first in our struggle who said ‘take my kids and make them work for the organization’.
Even he loved his kids more than everything but he was ready to sacrifice for Balochistan. This is an example of his braveness.
After his martyrdom, BLF made his elder son Farhad Aka Hoshaam commander of his 60+ comrades he handled
His 15-year-old son Meraj fought bravely with the Pakistani army and killed 3 Pak army personnel, got shots on his delicate body, and got martyred.
After 40 days of his martyrdom, Farhad got martyred in Mihi with Shayak Jan, Safar Khan and 13 others.
The Pakistani Army didn’t hand over Farhad’s body to his family. No one knows whether he was injured and arrested by the army or martyred.
Today, his whole family is in the struggle for freedom of Balochistan.
Two of his sons got martyred, one of his sons got injured in battle.
One of his sons Meer Jaan — 7-year-old — died because Pakistani forces did not allow the family to take him to a good hospital.
Abida, wife of Rehmath, says that she is ready to sacrifice her sons — only 2 of them are alive now.
She says she is ready to sacrifice. “Whenever our motherland Balochistan needs them, I will happily send them.”
Many people joined our cause because of Rehmath and his children. They were inspired by Rehmath and his children’s struggle and sacrifices.
Soldiers inspired by Rehmath are still fighting in the mountains, and many of them have got martyred.
Rehmath used to say: “We are brothers, we are colleagues, but whenever it comes to the motherland, I won’t tolerate any mistake. Whenever and wherever I see any action is affecting our organization or motherland, I won’t show cordiality.”
Expressing a very important wish regarding the movement shortly before his martyrdom, he said, “We should resolve our differences consciously”.
It was during an atmosphere when all the organizations were thirsty for each other’s blood.
All the organizations have to unite to defeat the enemy.
His wish was to unite all the organizations under a new umbrella organization named Baloch Army (BA)
But unfortunately, he could not fulfill his wish and he was martyred on the battlefield.
He said, “Our aim should be fighting the enemy. It doesn’t matter by which name, we are all one.”
He hated the negative propaganda used against each other.
The character of Shaheed Hakim and his consciousness can be gauged from the fact that, when some angry soldiers of BLF came to Shaheed Hakim to put their gun down, he said, “Go to someone else. I’m not going to take it”.
Then they went to Shaheed Sheikh Jan and gave him their guns.
Many of these friends are fighting today. Some of them have surrendered and are with the enemy. Some have been martyred.
Rehmath aka Hakim got martyred on January 21, 2015, while fighting against Pakistani SSG commandos and death squad.
When he got the news that our comrades have been surrounded by SSG commandos, he took Commander Shayak Jaan and went to the battlefield.
They killed more than 20 SSG commandos and snatched their 7 bikes.
After hours of the war, they fired at Commander Shayak and Hakim.
Hakim stood bravely and fired back on them. He was shot on the chest.
He laughed and said, “Shayak Jan I got shot”. Shayak told him, “Allah forbid, please don’t make such jokes. But then he fell down and shayak Jan took his head on to his lap.”
And Hakim became a martyr.
(This article has been written by Baloch guerrilla Commander Dr. Allah Nazar and Feroz Baloch)